We here at Online Comic Heroes want to help you succeed at being a Comic Creator.  Writing for comics is an essential element in the creation process.  For almost every comic the story comes out of a Writers imagination.  I will be the first to admit that I am weak when it comes to writing stories.  As an artist, I visualize the stories that I create.  You could say that I create in the Marvel Way.  I have a great respect for good Writers, you can just tell when you pick up a title and start reading if it was created by a good writer.  

In this section I will be including as many helpful articles to help aspiring writers.  I remember reading that there is no fame and fortune for about 99% of the writers out in the industry.  Those huge block busters that come out every couple years are few and far between.  I can not promise you that success after reading these articles.  What I will promise you is this, here at Online Comic Heroes we want you to succeed.  Please take a look at as many articles as you would like to read, or as few.  What you will find is the very best topics I will be able to include. 

Writing For Comics

Writers will write stories even if nobody ever reads them.  It is a way of life for a true writer.  I was reading Brian Michael Bendis' Words For Pictures recently.  There was an page that included a piece of advise.  He said write honestly.  He said that people can tell when you are just trying to give them what they want.  They can tell if it is just trying to play to the latest fad.  Give every project your very best, no matter what you are working on. 

The piece of advice that really stood out from Brian Micheal Bendis' book was a relatively strait forward and simple statement.  "I write what I would like to buy".  You can not get much more honest than that.  Whatever project you are working on work hard and keep these concepts at the front of your mind. 

Writing Resources

I will be reviewing a number of topics in the following pages.  The goal to include the very best resources.  What are the key elements in a comic story? Writing a plot or script.  Starting with a Pitch Document or Story Outline or as many people know it, The Marvel Way.  There will be additional articles; including Writing for Comics.

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