Ten Tips For A Comicon

I have gone to several fan conventions and have Ten Tips for a Comicon.  Here at Online Comic Heroes we want to share the very best information and helpful articles for Comic Fans.  Toronto's Comicon 2015, is starting later today.  These ten tips for a Comicon will help you enjoy the day better and hopefully keep you going so you can enjoy every minute you are there.

1.  Wear good shoes.  Choose comfortable shoes that breath well.  for women my wife recommends flat shoes.  You are going to do a lot of walking over the course of the day.

2.  Get a multi-day pass.  Unless you are going for a specific goal like seeing your favorite celebrity, you will most likely not have enough time to see everything in just one day.  Give yourself time to see all the convention has to offer.  Remember during peak times of the day getting around will be challenging with the crowds.

3.  Give yourself more time than you think you'll need to get from one area to another.  If the convention is not in your home city, it may take you longer to find your way around the convention center.

4.  Get a good rest the night before the event.  You are going to need your best energy for a full day.  If you are attending the convention with friends or your spouse, you want to be considerate and good company.

5.  Pack your own lunch.  Yes, there will be food vendors at the event.  Almost all will be fast food and they will be pricey.  My wife and I found Slim Fast Meal Shakes gave us energy and were filling.  Any brand of meal shake would be nearly as helpful.

Ten Tips For A Comicon: Costumes & Souvenirs

6.  If you are going in costume, think very carefully about your outfit.  Do not      choose a costume that is too heavy or that you will over-heat in.  You will be wearing this all day long.  If you are carrying a prop with it, have a strap or harness.  You do not want to have your hands full all day.                                      

7.  Really think about souvenirs.  There are going to be vendors with some                    amazing souvenirs you did not know even existed.  You will want to take many          of them home, so be careful not to buy too much.  That is unless you are                traveling with an extra empty suitcase.                                                              

8.  Plan how you are going to get to the convention.  Unless you happen to live              near the convention site, you will likely need to drive or take public transit.            Budget for gas or the cost of a round trip ticket.  Know the schedules for              the bus or train so you can get to and from the event on time.  Research                parking:  My wife and I were going to park at the convention building by not            getting the right street.  I ended up taking us too far.  By chance we found a          parking complex at a close by sports stadium.  A short walk saved us about              half the parking fee, but added time to walk the rest of the distance.

Ten Tips For A Comicon: Multi-Day Event.

9.  Think about staying at a hotel close to the convention. The convention website will list hotels close by that are giving a special rate to attendees.  This will give you the option to see more and experience all the convention has to offer.  If you are attending for more than one day, you can rest well and save on commuting time.                                                                              

10.    V.I.P. tickets, yes it is a big price tag up front.  The benefits can  certainly add up in the long run.  You get fast forwarded to the front of autograph lines.  Plus more perks that are well worth the investment.  Usually there are lounges for V.I.P's to take a break, there are extra cool stuff like t-shirts and special gifts.  The time you save in lines will allow you to see more faster and in style.


These ten tips for a comicon are based on our observation and experience.  I will admit I have not paid for a V.I.P. pass before, but from what I have seen at our last convention they are well worth the extra cost.

I would like to share a few more tips for a Comicon, that I have thought of since first drafting this article.

If you sign up on the convention website, they will send you continual updates and breaking news, leading up to the convention date.  For example what celebrities have been added as special guests.  The 2015 Toronto Comicon added Aaron Ashmore just days before the doors opened.  The updates will also let you know if your favorite celebrity has canceled at the last minute.

As an extra benefit, most conventions will have prizes or contests you can enter to win before they start.  By being on their mailing list you will also get special offers and ticket prices for future events.

If you have tips for a Comicon or advice from your experience attending, I will post a forum form below.  We would like to hear your helpful suggests or tips that we may have overlooked.

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