Real Heroes

There are many real heroes in the world.  Most would not answer to that title.  The people that get labbled as heroes have generally acted out of selflessness or sense of duty in a moment or situation of exstreme danger.  Soldiers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters or a Good Samaritan in the right place at an extra ordinary moment.

There is a sub-culture of people who choose to put on a costume to make a difference.  For example there is a group of people that belong to The Real Life Super Hero Project.  Though they live all across North America each one has created their own costume and Super Hero persona to act in some meaningful way where they live.

The first of the real heroes that I saw, was from a news paper article several years ago.  The subject was named Phoenix Jones.  The photo looked like he had modeled his suit from the original Micheal Keaton's Batman suit.  He had added some tactical knee and elbow pads but a real life super hero costume none the less.  Phoenix Jones operated out of Seattle.

In a troubled section of Vancouver, British Bolumbia Canada a man goes by Thanatos.  A western style cowboy hat and trench coat, he has addopted a skull themed mask and accessories.  Thanatos, though menacing at first glace spends his costumed time handing out food, water and blankets to the homeless.  Featured in an episode of (find show) he took a camera crew to his neighbourhood, in which a drug and crime ridden environment was evident.  Thanatos, described several rough inncidents where his help was not wanted and even described being stabbed in his attempt to help.

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