Online Free Comic Book Series:
Man Power #4

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The lead character is Manfred Powers the Third, formerly a Major in the United States Armed Forces. Major Powers was the team leader for Omega Team, an elite Marine Force Recon squad.

This online comic book series tells the Man Power story during the period of time Man Powers alter-ego was Power Play and he worked for Director Ryhne. (See a Man Power History for more details).

The online comic book series takes place in an alternate Earth setting.  The first of my online comic series simply titled Man Power is set in approximately the year 2020.

Online Free Comic Book: Quick Overview

Director Ryhne and his right hand man Mr. White have moved into faze two of his plan.  He has secured a larger budget and is moving full steam ahead with a second action team.  Bigger and more heavily armed Team Two has fought their first battle and is not being viewed in a positive way by the media.  Ryhne believes might makes right and is convinced that if he shows he is indispensable in the protection of the American way of life, he will be allowed to move forward with is ultimate plan.  A cloned army built to protect and enforce the American Doctrine.

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