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One super feature I will be offering on this page is free online comics of Man Power.  This title will be a four part story arc of Man Power and his struggle.  It will be a helpful introduction to the characters, world and struggles that the main character faced.

Man Power Issue #1 Free Comic Book

In issue one you are introduced to Man Power and his team.  They have been brought together by a very ambitious bureaucrat Acting Director Ryhne.  The President of the United States of America had a problem and Ryhne is promising a solution.  He has created Super Heroes to protect the American People from the threat of Ugenic Positive people.  Unfortunately Man Power is little more than an Automaton at this point of the story.

Man Power Issue #2 Free Comic Book

In the second issue we get a view of a secret underground society under New York City, made up of Eugenic Positive individuals.  Their actual numbers are still unknown and what range of powers is also unknown.  Acting Director Ryhne, is moving ahead with his plan.  Now with a real budget Ryhne, sets loose team two.  More powerful and heavily armed, team two are there to handle bigger threats.  The epilogue also gives us a brief look at Man Power Incorporated.  An organization with global holdings.

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