My Online Comic Book Series

Man Power, is the title book in my online comic book series.  It is also the main heroes super hero name.  

My comic book series follows the life and adventures of Major Manfred Powers the Third.  A.K.A. "Man Power", A.K.A. "Power Play".  Man Power is a reluctant hero, all he wanted to do was to serve his country and do his duty.  As the series unfolds in several Titles including Man Power, Man Power Rise of the Heroes, Man Power Birth of the Supermen and Man Power The Soviet Recruitsyou will get to follow his struggle to reclaim his humanity and control his own destiny.

Man Power  Is a four part free online comic book.  Online Comic Heroes, is not your average comic book site.  I am committed to deliver a wide range of comic art and online comic book material and resources.  The Man Power series is a compilation of comic art that I have pulled from my archives.  I started work on concept and story lines for Man Power back in high school.  Since that time my comic series has had a number of starts and stops.  In this free online comic, the reader will get a feel for the characters and the title itself.  I believe that I started issue number one four or five times, but never gained any traction in bring the comic to completion.   

That was not until 2006, spring of that year I met my future wife.  I took Catherine out on our first date.  I knew that I had met someone very special.  I worked the night shift at a local resort at that time.  I had a work shift to complete after our dinner out.  On the way to work I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up a new sketch pad.  The story that came to me was totally different than the Man Power futuristic science fiction comic, that I had been crafting for years.  What came out was a fictional World War Two storyline, the story became a four part comic book/graphic novel that would end up spanning about 80 years.  Man Power Birth of the Supermen will be released this year.  I crafted the story to be a historic back-story in the Man Power World.  The fourth part of the story will cross over into the continuing Man Power Comic story line.

Online Comic Book Free Series

Online Comic Heroes, has already published the first two free online comic books in the series; Man Power #1 and Man Power #2, click on either link to go directly to the issue.  Look for issue number three coming shortly.  In this first posting of the free comic book, we get to see Man Power and his team in their first Super Hero action.  The problem is that he is little more then an automaton following the commands of a task force.  At the time of the comic book, Acting Director Ryhne is an ambitious bureaucrat with big plans.  The true scope of his actions only begin to show as the series continues.  No one likes to be controlled, Man Power was a soldier who followed orders and served his country well.  Follow along as the controls begin to break down.  There are just some people you do not mess with.  Man Power will bring a storm down one day.

Man Power The Soviet Recruits in this comic book four part story arch you will get a look at a fictionalized story of a secret Soviet Cold War base in the Siberian Arctic. The story opens in the early 1960's, over the course of the four part story you will get to see how Russia put together their Super Hero team.  The story arch even has a cameo by Man Power and at that time Ryhne's Fighting Force.  The Russian Super Heroes also make an appearance in Man Power Blue Book.

The next series is Man Power Strikes Back.  This four part story picks up directly after Rise of the Heroes.  Man Power and his team have a new set of challenges ahead.  Recruited again by the government Man Power is now in charge of the Governments attempt to register and track the rising population of super humans.  The series actually overlaps with Birth of the Supermen.  The fourth issue picks up the continuing story after Birth of the Supermen.

Man Power, is a rich and diverse comic book series.  For a little more history on the World of Man Power just click here.  I have mentioned just four Comic Book story arch's in this posting.  I actually have many more comics in the workings.  I am the creator, writer, artist and publisher of these comics.  My wife with her help and support has edited the first several comic books that I have ready to release this year.  Online Comic Heroes will be producing full comics and various other side ventures for years to come.  I have easily thirty issues in various stages of completion.  I invite you the reader to follow along and where appropriate, let me know your opinions on the work that I am releasing.  Thank you for your support and to joining us on this comic book adventure.

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Man Power, is a series with a great number of characters.  Both heroes and villains.  Follow this link to investigate more details.