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Man Power Rise of the Heroes

Online Comic Heroes is proud to present my first online comic book for public sale.  Man Power Rise of the Heroes, is a four part series.  I have worked for years now on refining my comic artwork.  I have worked with Catherine my wife and inspiration on preparing this first issue for sale.  Catherine, was a huge help as proof reader and sounding board during the entire process.

I created every part of this comic book, from original pencils through the inking process and scanning the pages in digitally to add the text and finishing details.  It has been a long road to this point.  It is finally ready for public sale.

Currently for sale in digital format, I have printed Limited Edition Issues in a hard-cover print.  The very first hard-cover issue was presented to Stan Lee in person, at the 2013 FanExpo when he came to Toronto Ontario Canada.  I presented it to Stan Lee as a gift just before this photo was taken.  If you look close at the Photo Stan Lee is holding the comic book in his hands in the lower part of the photo.

Now available the collected issues in graphic novel format.  Just follow the link for a preview of the graphic novel.

Online Comic Book: Man Power Rise of the Heroes #1

Man Power Rise of the Heroes Issue #1 opens just after a mysterious disaster has hit Los Angeles and the Californian Coastline.  Man Power and his organization are rushing to try and save as many people as they can.

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Rise of the Heroes Issue #1

In an effort to help spread the word of our work and to build a growing fan base.  We here at Online Comic Heroes would like to announce the public release of Man Power: Rise of the Heroes.  Each week we will be publishing the next page of issue #1 for our readers.  If at any time you wish to get the full comic just follow the purchase button above.

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