Noble Comics

As a comic illustrator I worked for Noble Comics for approximately a year.  I was contacted by the writer and creator of Noble Comics.  I was asked to model the lead character after Noble Comics Owner.  I helped create, illustrate and add text to two of the comic series under the Noble Comics brand.

I created both Captain Faith and Faith Warrior.  I was given the script and then produced the entire comic book, from start to finish.  In working for Noble Comics, I was able to really see how much I could create within a short period of time.  I was able to really expand my bounds and break my perceived limitations.

Although I was productive in my comic creation for Noble Comics, I found that I was not completing the work on my own series.  I asked to step away from my illustration duties so as to dedicate my time to the creation of my own series and this site.

If you would like to purchase these title they are available from the comic site   I worked under the internet title  Dr. Noble provided a great testimonial for my graphic novel.  Please give his comics a read.

I can help you create your own comic book.

I work with creators and writers to bring their ideas to the page.