My Wife's Site

My wife Catherine, has been working on a great site.  Catherine has such a creative style to all that she does.  I know that I can not really describe the great things that she has include, so please will you take some time and visit.  See all the great things at

What Will You Find?

It’s a Positive “Paws-itive” Place Online

Where the Beagles and Kitties (That’s Us!)

Pay Paw Forward Good Things to You.

I think this captures the tone and style you will find very well.  There are three main topics of focus Catherine, writes on.

1) Examples of Goodness in our World: These are inspiring examples of good things people are doing for pets or people. This includes spiritual examples such as photos inspired by Bible verses, and more.

2) Creative Ideas: This category covers all kinds of creative ideas in photography, gift presentation, home decorating, ideas for pets, and other neat things that our mommy, Catherine, is up to.

3) Pet Travel and Day Trips: We’ll share places where you can take your pets. We’ll also tell you about pet-themed travel. We live in Ontario, Canada so most of our examples will be about pet travel in Ontario. But on occasion, we’ll cover pet travel in the United States, and around the world, as well.

Catherine, was good enough to post an article I wrote for her site.  So please take a few minutes to read my article and then take a tour around Catherine's site.  Creative Clock Characters.

I can help you create your own comic book.

I work with creators and writers to bring their ideas to the page.