My Top Ten Comic Movies

The creative team here at Online Comic Heroes has made their top ten comic movies listing.  Arranged below you will find my list in descending order starting at number ten. 

In a blog posting recently, I indicated a small project started by my wife and I.  Individually we are making a list of our "Top Ten Comic Book Movies".  I know that this is a very contentious topic, and I am sure you the reader has your own top ten list.  I am interested to see my wife's list.  I will be basing my list on several factors.  Classic movies that will stand the test of time.  Inspiring comic book movies.  Movies that I can sit down and watch year after year.  Lastly, movies that sit in our collection.

#10 Superman:

The greatest single Superhero has to be Superman, and the first Superman starring Christopher Reeves was and is a great movie.

#9 Thor:

I had real doubts about how the creators were going to make this movie believable.  The humour was great, and the integration of the new Marvel film world was a great tie in to the other Marvel Movies.  They created a fan out of me.  My wife and I saw this at a classic drive in and have watched it over and over.

#8 Batman Begins:

Christian Bale, captured the character of Bruce Wayne.  For a movie franchise restart, they did a great job.

#7 Captain America:

They did a great job incorporating Bucky and the history of Captain America and setting it in WWII.  Then finishing it having Cap' wake-up in the present.

#6 Zoom Academy For Super Heroes:

This is a truly great comic movie with a strong cast.  Tim Allen and Rip Torn played great against each other.  They even bring comic books about the character into the movie.  There was a little  editing over-site with when the characters find out about the Area 51 Space Ship.

#5 Sky High:

A very interesting movie idea.  What happens to Superheroes/villains children?  They go to a special high school for people with super powers.

#4 Batman:

Michael Keaton, captured Bruce Wayne very well in Tim Burton's Big screen Batman.  I feel this movie still stands the test of time and deserves to be on any top ten list. 

#3 Spiderman:

As far as I am concerned Tobey Maguire is Peter Parker.  I have not viewed the new remake out of principal.  They did a great job and this to me is the ultimate big screen Spiderman.

#2 Avengers:

Marvel did a great job bringing the Avengers together.  The only objection I had was that this was the third change of actor, playing the Hulk. Eric Bana, in Ang Lee's Hulk was Bruce Banner.  The Avengers did a great job linking the current Marvel characters together. 

#1 RED:

This is a great action movie in itself.  Being based on a comic book is great.  I have always been a Bruce Willis fan, and he had a great supporting cast with Morgan Freeman and Richard Dreyfuss as the villain.  This is a movie I can watch over and over.

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