Graphic-Con 2016

Graphic-Con 2016 was held June 11th in Sudbury Ontario Canada.  This marked the second convention that my wife Catherine and I had an Artists Table at.  We would like to thank all the fans and convention attendees form the day.  The volunteers who worked the event gave us a great table location.  We got some very positive feedback from the offers we had and autographed a number of Graphic novels for convention goers.

My wife and I had a great location in the arena.  Our table was at the end of the row and we had an additional section of floor space where we could have had an even bigger display.  Catherine had even prepared samples of her Stock Photography Portfolio for attendees to see.  We here at Online Comic Heroes would like to thank Pierre Dubuc and all the volunteers who made the day a success for Graphic-Con 2016 in Sudbury Ontario.

Graphic-Con Vendors/Artists

As you can see from the floor plan above.  The convention was held in a hockey arena.  The vendors and artist were all given good space for their tables and displays.  The floor of the arena was organized well for flow of traffic and those who wanted photos of people in costumes.  Catherine took a great photo of our table and I would like to thank her for all her help during the day.

For a full description and details on the next Graphic-Con please take a look at their link

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