Golden Age of Comics

This article is a synopsis of the Golden Age of Comics.  Here at Online Comic Heroes, I want to deliver the very best information to our readers.  You are comic fans like myself so I will always deliver material that I would like to read. 

The North American, Golden Age of Comics span the late 1930's to the early 1950's.  It was during this time that Comic Book popularity grew and became a main stream media source.  It was during these two decades that many of the big Superheroes we know today, first were created.  Superman, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman all came from the Golden Age.  Many credit Superman's debut in Action Comics #1, as the start of the Golden Age.   

It was during the Golden Age that DC and the then Timely Comics (now Marvel Comics) established the first of their super heroes.  Not just Super Heroes grew to popularity during this time.  It was during this period that Will Eisner created the detective we know as the Spirit.

When World War Two broke out, the comic book stories focused many titles on the war taking place in Europe.  Moral was boosted, showing good triumphing over evil.  More titles and types of comics just kept coming to fill the demand of the market.  Disney, licensed their characters through Dell Comics and for a time out-sold the Super Heroes for a time. 

Golden Age of Comics: After the War

After the war there was a noticeable change in comic books.  Some sources actually have labelled a new age of comic books at this point.  1946-1956 has been called the Atom Age of Comic Books.  Science and the Atom changed how many people saw Super Heroes.  The demand for Super Heroes declined and a number of Heroes and titles stopped being printed.  Comic companies reached out to hold the audience with many different types of stories, including war comics, westerns, romance and horror comics.  It was not until the second half of 1956, that a new Super Hero revived the market and a new Silver Age of Comic Books took off.

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