Free Online Comic Book:
Man Power #2

Welcome to Online Comic Heroes second free online comic book issue of Man Power.

This issue opens with a brief glimpse of an underground eugene-positive movement.  Acting Director Ryhne, is facing a budget counsel that will determine the future of his program.  Power Play, A.K.A. Man Power must rescue a bus load of citizens being held hostage.  This issue concludes showing Mr. White recruiting new members for Fighting Force Team Two.  The epilogue shows Man Power Inc. a secret group started by Man Power.

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Free Online Comic Book: Issue #3 Synopsis

Online Comic Heroes, Man Power continues in issue number three, coming soon.

Man Power's team has been fighting for weeks with little time to recuperate.  Director Ryhne and his right hand man Mr. White have moved into faze two of his plan.  He has secured a larger budget and is moving full steam ahead with a second action team.  Bigger and more heavily armed Ryhne believes might makes right and is convinced that if he shows he is indispensable in the protection of the American way of life, he will be allowed to move forward with is ultimate plan.  A cloned army built to protect and enforce the American Doctrine.

In the second issue we also got a view of a secret underground society under New York City, made up of Eugenic Positive individuals.  Their actual numbers are still unknown and what range of powers is also unknown.  The epilogue also gave us a brief look at Man Power Incorporated.  An organization with global holdings.

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