Getting Started Elements
of a Comic Book Story

Here at Online Comic Heroes, I plan on providing the very best comic book resources and helpful articles.  My creation Man Power, is the feature comic book and graphic novels, while visiting I hope you can take in more and even share your thoughts.  I have worked for years practicing my art and finding my style, I would like to share things I have learned and picked up on the way.

One of the first things is creativity.  I have been inspired by the work I see my wife doing.  Catherine has brought so much into my life.  I found we shared an interest in photography, and crafts.  Please take time to visit her web site at  Be creative and open yourself up to creative ideas. I am sure each of you has something that interests you and excites you.  Find the time to be creative in your everyday life.

My strongest creative outlet is comic art, I can see the action of my stories when I close my eyes.  It is as strong as seeing a action movie on screen.  I want to thank you for taking the time to join me here at Online Comic Heroes.  I do hope you find "Man Power" to be a new favorite of yours.

Every story starts with an idea.  If you can find an idea that inspires you that is great. You then need to build that up into a story.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a strong writer.  I find my art drives the creation of the stories I create.  I will find an idea and start to visualize the story around that.  Every tip and article I have read encourages you to start with the writing, so let us begin there.

A strong comic story is built around four or five key principles: an introduction, the rising action, building to the climax, the resolution and finally (for the on going series) a cliffhanger.  Keep these elements in mind when you are writing your own stories.

When you are writing and (if you are passing the work on to an artist) be descriptive.  I find great writers use their words and dialogue so well I can visualize the story as it goes along.  The artists job is to help capture the reader, so help them out.  Some artist will prefer having creative license to interpret the story or script.  I really like having clear directions.

I really use reference material when I create comics; movies often inspire ideas, magazines, guides, Google and books.  I will often have an inspiring or action movies on in the background as I work.

I can help you create your own comic book.

I work with creators and writers to bring their ideas to the page.