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Happy New Years 2017

New for Online Comic Heroes this year is a monthly comic release schedule.  January 2017 we will be featuring Man Power: Strikes Back #1 .  This issue picks up after Man Power: Rise of the Heroes

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Cover Art Contest

Less then two days now until 2017.  We here at Online Comic Heroes would like to see in the new year with a great new incentive.  We will be accepting original cover art from fans.  A new 4-part comic series has been in the works for some time now.  Man Power: Origins is set to be released early in 2017.  We would like to have at least one issue with original fan art used for the cover.  Starting December 30th and continuing until January 28th we will be accepting your art.  Just send your work in JPG format to our email OCHsite@yahoo.ca please use the subject line "Cover Art Contest".  My wife Catherine will be making the choice as to the winning entry.  Depending on the number of finalists, all four issues may feature fan covers.  The winning cover artist will be sent an advanced PDF collection of the entire series prior to public release.  Runners up will have their cover art displayed in our image gallery.  Every artist who enters will each get the first issue in PDF on the public release of the series.  Good fortune to all and we look forward to seeing your entries.


September is not over yet and we have great big news.  In addition to the early sales release of our first graphic novel, Man Power: Birth of the Supermen.  We are reaching out via https://www.kickstarter.com to raise funding to continue with the series.  Please take a look at our campaign and make a generous donation please https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/matthewokeefe/man-power-the-soviet-recruits every donation no matter how small goes to help us reach our publishing target goal.

We are offering a number of exclusive rewards for pledge donors.  We have our promotional Poster for 2016.  A very cool "The World Needs More Heroes" T-shirt plus autographed copies of both Man Power: The Soviet Recruits and Man Power: Birth of the Supermen or be among a select handful to get the full collected works of Man Power.

Graphic Novel Now Available

Online Comic Heroes is proud to announce "Man Power: Birth of the Supermen" in Graphic Novel format.  We have been working with FriesenPress this year to produce our first graphic novel in print.  The process has taken some time and we have had a few setbacks. 

It is now finally ready for early print sales.  FrisenPress has the Graphic Novel available for sale on their website.  So please take a look and choose from the Softcover, Hardcover or Digital options for purchase.

Make Your Own Comic Book

New for August is this Comic Book Template.  We here at Online Comic Heroes want to inspire and help Artists and Creators.  It does not matter if you are new to comics or a seasoned pro. we all need help from time to time.

The list price is $0.90 but you can Pay What You Want when you click on the button.  What you get are nine PDF pages of blank comic panels.  Create your own comic by printing out the pages you want and placing them together for your own comic story.

If you would like to share your finished work with us we would really like to see it just email us at OCHsite@yahoo.ca If your work passes our submissions approval process we would be happy to post it on our site and give you credit.

June saw the release of our new visual advertising strategy.  With Catherine's input I created new post cards for Graphic-Con 2016.  I also ordered a very similar design in magnetic form for our vehicle.

Winner from our June Contest 

Thank you to each and every comic fan who visited our table at Sudbury's GraphicCon 2016.  The day was a great showcase of Comics and all things Comic related.  We featured our first self-published Graphic Novel.  We also were selling our comic line in PDF Disc Format.

The Winner Is!

My wife Catherine drew the winner today June 14th 2016, for our very first Proof Printed copy of Man Power: Strikes Back, the complete collected series.

Congratulations to "Tricia", you will be receiving an email confirmation and details about the prize in the next 48 hours.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  Look for our next contest later this year.

May is already a week old.  Thank you to each subscriber of my web-comic series.  I hope you are enjoying the series.  I feel this series is a key element in revealing more in depth details of Man Power.  If you have not subscribed to the series just enter your email in the subscription box below our Logo.

A new development you may have noticed is the renaming of the three comic series we have available.  After some market research we have changed from a color scheme naming of each book.  My wife Catherine helped me develop the new names.  I am proud to announce the new books as follows; The Blue Book is now Man Power: Rise of the Heroes.  The Black Book is now Man Power: Birth of the Supermen and The Red Book is now Man Power: The Soviet Recruits.  For everyone who have purchased the first volumes I want to reassure you the only difference is the titles.

We are also very happy to announce the newest series is now available.  Man Power: Strikes Back, is the latest four part series from Online Comic Heroes.  This series bridges the story gap between "Rise of the Heroes" and "Birth of the Supermen".  Interesting enough, the fourth comic bridges the concluding part of the "Birth of the Supermen". 

Continuity is very important for me as the writer.  I have created the various series of Man Power to build a full and interesting comic world.  Man Power: Strikes Back also leads into the next series that has been in the works for a number of years.  The art is done and just waiting for lettering.  "Man Power: Is Out of Time" is the working title.  The most interesting thing I found working on this comic is that the story stretched beyond my standard four part story structure.  Look for the release next year.

Winner From Our March Contest

Thank you to each and every comic fan who visited our Table at Toronto ComiCon 2016.  The weekend was a great showcase of Comics and all things Comic related.  We showcased our Graphic Novel Man Power: Black Book.  We also test released our comic line in PDF Disc Format.

The Winner Is!

My wife Catherine drew the winner today March 21st 2016, for our very first Printed copy of Man Power: Red Book, the complete Graphic Novel.

Congratulations to "Anthony", you will be receiving an email confirmation and details about the prize in the next 48 hours.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  Look for our next contest later this year.

Hello and good day, here is what's new on this site.  With the new year just starting, I would like to share some of the new projects and details you will find on this site.  Here at Online Comic Heroes, the goal is to share with and help comic fans and artists.  Last year saw the premier of Man Power: Black Book.  In addition to this four part series I am re-launching my first four part series Man Power: Blue Book.  This year look for more great titles of Man Power.

I have been spending some of my development time educating myself on writing comics better.  I have picked up several great resource books that I would definitely recommend to any aspiring comic writer.  The first is Brian Michael Bendis' Words for Pictures.  Brian Michael Bendis, is certainly a giant in comics today.  He takes you through comics and the business of creating comics in a comprehensive guide.  No short cuts and no promises as to getting hired by the big guys.  Just an honest well thought out tour and advice from his years of experience.  He also shares interviews from professionals in every aspect of the business.  The message I got... "write honestly, put your voice and spirit into your work and don't give up".  He identifies several times, that you're in comics as soon as you are creating them.  It is a way of life.

I have already created several articles on writing from what I picked up during reading this great book.  Look for more instructional articles and tips to come in the next few months.

Another new purchase I made for my library was The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics. This is a great tutorial for anyone wishing to create comic art digitally.  Freddie E. Williams II, has been a Digital Comic Artist since 1998.  He talks you through the process from start to finish, including time saving tips and advice he has learn over his career. 

I have not created any articles from this read, as I have not yet finished reading the book.  I have put some of what I have learned into practice.  I have now started to create digital comic pages for a client.  I am still learning a lot of new techniques and skills with digital artwork.  Almost all of the cover art on my comic series is done 100% digitally now.  Please look for new tips, to come later this year.

More New Info

Late last year I also added a classic title to my library.  Stan Lee's How to Write Comics.  I am about half way through this great book from one of the greats in comics.  Stan Lee, has been comics un-official spokesman for decades now.  He is one of the most recognizable and famous icons of comics.  Stan gives you the full tour of comics from the early days and through comics history, imparting writing advice he has gained in the many decades that he has been writing.  Stan, also calls on his many professional friends to relay important advice and tips along the way.  I am looking forward to finishing this book. 

I have always thought of myself as an illustrator first and foremost.  I have found writing very challenging in the past.  From the advice I have gained from this book and the publication from Brian Michael Bendis, I have gained a new confidence in writing.  I have even been asked several times from the same person to write for him.  I take that as great compliment, I passed on the project.  However it did get me thinking about the services I offer for creators and comic art fans.  I have listed my art services on a new site this year.   Comic Art Commissions  http://comicartcommissions.com/ , I have listed my Penciler and Inking services on this site.  If you are hiring for a comic project you can find a single artist or build a team for your comic or digital book.

What's New for Man Power:

New this year for the Man Power comic series.  I have spent the Christmas season lettering the Man Power: Red Book series.  I will be re-releasing the #1 issue of Man Power: Red Book, with new cover art.  The first week of January, I had created a sample cover for issue #2.  You can see that cover in the Image Gallery soon.  After consulting with my wife, I knew a different take on the cover was needed.  Look for issue #2 of Man Power: Red Book due to be released before the month is over.  February, will see the tentative release of both Man Power: Red Book #3 and by March issue #4 will be ready.  April will see the all new Man Power: Strikes Back series.

Man Power: Strikes Back, will be a four part series that ties in the Blue Book and Black Book series of comics.  I submitted the Blue Book series for a Superhero Comic Contest presented by Pow Entertainment.  From the feedback I determined that the Man Power: Blue Book needed to be reformatted.  Look for the newly released issues coming soon.  Now available, Man Power Blue Book #1-#3 with issue #4 due out March 18th.

I can help you create your own comic book.

I work with creators and writers to bring their ideas to the page.

" Matthew was the first artist I'd ever worked with. He made the process very easy for me getting started. He asked good questions about what I wanted on to see on the page. He was very reliable and the work was consistent. His art has only improved. "

Mike B.