Legends of Comics
Stan Lee

There are many Legendary Figures in Comics Stan Lee, is certainly one of the most famous.  First and fore most he's a writer, editor, publisher and actor.  For many years he held the position of president and chairman of Marvel during the Golden and into the Silver Age of Comics.

Stan Lee worked in collaboration with some of the greatest artists of the day, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko most notably.  Together he co-created some of the most iconic characters and titles of Marvels line-up.  Spider-Man, The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men.  A very unique point of many of his characters was the same initials in their first and last names.  In an interview with Kevin Smith, he attributed this to his poor memory (easier to remember the names).  Peter Parker, Matt Murdock, Reed Richards are a few characters that demonstrate this initial trait.  

Born Stanley Martin Lieber, in New York City in 1922, Stan Lee came from humble beginnings and worked hard to become the success we know him to be today.  Always drawn to writing he got his start in comics in 1939 at the then new Timely Comics, what we know as Marvel today.  His first credited work was as a text filler on Captain America Comics #3.  He continued to work his way up and co-created a character named the Destroyer in Mystic Comics #6 in 1941.

Stan Lee joined the Armed Forces in 1942, to fight in World War II.  He was part of the Signal Corps and worked on training films and repaired telegraph poles.  He returned to Timely Comics after the war in 1945.  He served as editor-in-chief until 1972 when he became the publisher of Marvel (Timely became Marvel in 1960).

Stan Lee married Joan Clayton Boocock in 1947.  It was from her urging that Stan Lee just write what he wanted to in the 1950's that Stan Lee brought characters with flaws and personal problems to the page.  These more relatable characters spoke to fans and Marvel's sales and market share continued to increase.  Under his leadership he introduced the Splash Page, and gave credit to the inker and letterers.  Stan Lee made comics more relatable and engaging for fans.    

As the 1970's came in Stan Lee helped reform the Comics Code and worked with the U.S. Department of Health to create stories warning about the dangers of drugs.  Stan Lee was the face of Marvel for years, he has not stopped being an outspoken ambassador of all things comic book.

Stan Lee has appeared on television in multiple cameo roles as himself and has been a trademark figure in Marvel's modern movies.  Both my wife and myself like spotting his appearances in the movies.  We met him at the 2013 Fan Expo, in Toronto Ontario Canada.  It was a great honor to be able to shake his hand and I presented him with the first printed copy of my Comic Book Series.

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