Comic Story

The comic story line for Man Power is continually growing.  The various series arcs include several back-stories that serve to fill in and broaden the history of the Man Power World.  For although I pride my self on historic accuracy and believability, this is an alternate earth.

The first story arc which is featured in Man Power: Birth of the Supermen, starts with issue number one picking up in the second half of WWII.  The second story arc, Man Power: The Soviet Recruits.  Starts during the early 1960' Cold War era.  The next series is Man Power: Origins ( to be released in 2017 ).  Then there is my subscribers web comic Man Power, following that is a developing series currently called Man Power: The Lost Year ( release date TBD ).  My first digital series is Man Power: Rise of the Heroes, connecting to that is Man Power: Strikes Back and Man Power: Is Out of Time.  From there Man Power: R.A.V.E.N. and Man Power: Fights the War parallel each other.

For now these will be the focus as we display the comic story series below and how each one links to the next in the history of the world.

Man Power: Birth of the Supermen #1 1943. 

Man Power: Birth of the Supermen #2 1943-1945.

Man Power: Birth of the Supermen #3 1947-1970.

Man Power: The Soviet Recruits #1 1962.

Man Power:

Origins #1

Man Power:

Origins #2

Man Power:

Origins #3

Man Power:

Origins #4

Release Date

May-Aug 2017.

Man Power: The Lost Year release date TBD 

Man Power: Birth of the Supermen #4 2022.

Man Power: Strikes Back #4 works to wrap up the current ongoing storylines.  Although the Strikes Back series is available at a limited number of sites, it is only a proof sample.  Final edits for public release are in the final stages.  The finalized four-part series will be officially released starting January 2017 and released monthly from there.  Starting in May 2017 we will be releasing Man Power: Origins, also a four-part series leading up to September and our very first fully colored comic series.  Man Power: Is Out of Time.  This is both one of my favorites and one of my most challenging series.  I will be performing the color duties for the series ( unless I have found a colorist before the August). 

Man Power Into 2018

Several additional series that I have in the works include; Man Power: R.A.V.E.N. and Man Power: Fights the War.  Both continue on from Man Power: Is Out of Time and would run parallel to each other.  Now the art is more than 50% for R.A.V.E.N. it may not be placed in queue for release until the beginning of 2018 and would be released in alternating order with Fights the War.  I am currently working on a Kickstarter Campaign that would allow me to fast track the release of Man Power: R.A.V.E.N. as a motion web comic.  That is if the funding goal is reached.  It would then be made available in early 2017.

I would then be working to fill the line-up with Man Power: The Lost Year and Man Power: TBD.  

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