Comic Recommendation: Secret Wars

This months comic recommendation is Marvel Comics Secret Wars. Secret Wars was originally published in 1984 and 1985, Secret Wars #1-12.  My copy is the third printing from 2000.

The introduction of my printing is from Tom DeFalco, in it he describes how Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars came to be.  Action figures were becoming popular once more in the early 1980's.  DC Comics had been licensed by Kenner, their competition Mattel had licensed He-Man and then approached Marvel as well.  To promote the line they asked for something to tie in the heroes and villains that would appear in the action figure line.

The twelve issue cross-over was the first company-wide crossover story in comics.  There had been smaller ones but never a story with so many characters.  The introduction discussed that the toy line was not as successful as hope, however the comic series became one of the best selling cross-overs in the history of comics.

Secret Wars, was written by Jim Shooter.  Pencilers included; Mike Zeck, Bob Layton, Ron Frenz, John Romita, Jr., Paul Neary, Luke McDonnell, Sal Buscema, Ron Wilson, John Byrne and Al Milgrom.  With Material by; Tom DeFalco, Chris Claremont, J.M. DeMatteis, Denny O'Neil, Bill Mantlo and John Byrne.  

Comic Recommendation: Why Read it?

I have made this comic recommendation as a must read for several reasons.  Besides being a modern classic, the number of characters brought together was a milestone in comics.  I am a huge fan of continuity and to have created sixteen  comic issues that tie into each other.  I know that my copy is a third printing but I do enjoy the graphic novel format when reading a series or story.  I used to despise waiting for the next part of a multi-issue story.

Then there is the historic significance of Secret Wars.  It is attributed by some as the last Marvel story line that rapped up the Bronze Age of Comics.

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