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Found throughout this section you will find Mine and my Wife Catherine's favorite Super Hero things; Movies, DVD's, Books, Graphic Novels and other cool Super Hero merchandise.

I will try to remember to identify if we own or use the item or if it is something we think is just cool or would like to have.

Online Comic Heroes is not affiliated with any one Comic Company.  We like many products and movies from a number of companies.  The items we post or recommend will for the most part be available on and if you do happen to purchase anything that you see posted here, we will receive a small commission from the sale. 

Top Ten Listings

A short time ago Catherine, provided me with a list of her Top Ten favorite Comic Book Movies.  Let us take a look at Catherine's Top Ten List.

"Top Ten Comic Book Movies".  I know that this is a very contentious topic, and I am sure you the reader have your own top ten list.  If you're interested to see my wife's list, just click on the above link.  I will be basing my list on several factors.  Classic movies that will stand the test of time.  Inspiring comic book movies.  Movies that I can sit down and watch year after year.  Lastly, movies that sit in our collection.

Please follow along to my Top Ten Comic Book Movies.

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