Comic Book History and Information

This section will go into the history of comic books through the development of cartoons, comics and onto covering online comics and webcomics.

Here at Online Comic Heroes, the information published will represent the best and most detailed research that I can present at the time of posting.  If you as active and enthusiastic comic book and science fiction fans have more detailed information, I would welcome your input.

The comic book that we recognize today had its origins in the early 1930's. The first officially recognized North American Comic Book was printed in 1933, titled Famous Funnies.  North America, is the largest market for comics, followed by Great Britain and Japan (Manga).  Since this comic book mile stone, the comic book has evolved and grown.  

There are several different ages of comic development.  There is the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and the Modern Age of Comic Books.  I will not lock myself into the specific dates of each age.  The subject is considered very debatable.  Rather, I will include a synopsis of each and an overview of the different types of comics and also look at graphic novels. 

How long have you been collecting comic book?  Do you have a buried treasure in your collection?  In 2014 comic book history was made with the sale of Action Comics #1.  If you have been collecting comics for any length of time, it is most likely you have some comics that are gaining in value.

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