Comic Review MP Birth of the Supermen #1

Man Power: Birth of the Supermen #1

•  Man Power Birth of the Supermen 1

•  Publisher: Self-Published 

•  Writer and Art: Matthew O'Keefe

•  Reviewed by Brent Clark

•  View at Online Comic Heroes

Creator Matthew O'Keefe wastes no time dropping you into the story here. I appreciated the intro page, which gives some of the basics for the world you're about to go into when reading this book.  There is a small panel showing a squad of cybernetically enhanced soldiers with some interesting character designs. I will give a slight spoiler and say that these characters, at least in this form, do not appear in this issue. I can only assume that we will be introduced to them as the story progresses. The introduction page definitely did its job of capturing my attention.

After a few pages, I noticed that the use of captions reminded me of comic books from past eras, when much more information was given to supplement the visuals. This was a nice change of pace when compared to more mainstream comics, which tend to have an extremely heavy emphasis on the art alone.  Originally, I thought the use of captions were too heavy for my taste, but I really grew to appreciate the extra information they provided, especially during the battle scenes. 

The art somehow managed to seem both very simple and very detailed at the same time and I really enjoyed it. It's a black and white comic, and even with all the pencils work that tends to be revealed without color, you can definitely see lots of details in things like a squadron of para-troopers or an aerial battle. I especially appreciated the way that things like the propellers on an airplane or ripples in the ocean showed movement. 

The story revolved primarily around a battle between German Nazi's and the Allies. It takes place in sort of a mixed time period. While officially the main Comic Series takes place in the year 2020, there are several comic issues (Including this comic) from World War 2, The Cold War 1960’s, the Vietnam era 1970’s and several back stories still to be revealed.  A starting issue,1940's era along with things like cybernetics and the early stages of human cloning makes for a rather intriguing setting. 

I have never published a comic book, but from what I have read on the subject it can be an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish and I must commend O'Keefe on what he has accomplished here. Man Power Birth of the Supermen #1 is available at Online Comic Heroes. It's currently on sale for $1.99 this is a full-length comic so it's definitely a great bargain. 

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