Comic Review JLA 1

Justice League of America 1

   •     Justice League of America 1

   •     Publisher: DC

   •     Release Date: 6/17/2015

   •     Writer and Art: Bryan Hitch

   •     Reviewed by: Brent Clark

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This month a new series of JLA started. It's a little funny because we already have a Justice League title with (mostly) the same cast. But I guess that's no different than all the characters that have multiple solo titles like Superman, Batman, and other iconic characters. I may have skipped this entirely, but after a recent Comixology sale I've been feeling more optimistic about DC than I have for the last couple years. If you're interested you can read about that here and here.

It's worth noting that I purchased the digital version (that's how I read all of my comics). Typically the digital versions don't come with all the variant covers, but sometimes they do, like this time, and I enjoy it when that happens.

My overall impression, summed up in one sentence would be that Hitch is a great artist and a more than serviceable writer. 

Spoiler Warning

Getting into some spoilers here, the story starts with Superman being told that someone or something is going around the multiverse killing alternate versions of him. I typically like alternate versions of characters meeting each other, and I went into this story with no knowledge of what it was about, so that was a pleasant surprise. We don't get any answers here but I can't wait to see where it leads.

It's important to remember that you kind of have to forget about direct continuity, as clearly a number of characters in this issue don't match up with their solo titles. Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman for sure, and possibly others (I don't read all of the solo books). That said, I really enjoyed the league's confrontation with the Parasite. I don't recall any past stories where Parasite was able to steal the power from a Green Lantern ring, but it works for me. Combined with stealing some Speed Force energy from Flash, Parasite was definitely portrayed as a credible threat to the present Leaguers. 

I won't spoil the ending but needless to say it was a cliffhanger, and it was one that worked on me. There are a number of questions still out there and I'm ready for the next issue.

What did you think about the issue? Any theories on where it's headed?

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