Book of The Month: Comic Recommendation

My comic recommendation for this month is titled "The Action Bible, God's Redemptive Story".  The giant graphic novel is published by David C. Cook out of Colorado Springs, U.S.A.  The first edition came out in 2010.  The book was Illustrated by Sergio Cariello and the General Editor was Doug Mauss.

Comic Recommendation; Overview

The introduction to my recommendation this months, starts by making a comparison of God to an Action Hero.  In many respects this seems very suiting.  This is an amazingly detailed and organized visualization of the Bible.

Sergio Cariello, does not pull any punches.  Through dedicated research he compiled the Bible Stories into a very detailed and throw collection.  The Characters are flawed people, but chosen by God for a purpose.  Approximately 750 pages in total it is a great purchase for your collection.

About the Artist

Illustrator Sergio Cariello, was born in Brazil.  He relates in the biography area about growing up with publishers picture bible.  David C. Cook contacted Sergio Cariello in 2006 to see if he was interested in re-illustrating the Classic Picture Bible.  It seemed meant to be, Sergio was reading the picture bible before he knew how to ride a bike.

Sergio Cariello, is a very established artist.  By age eleven he was creating a comic strip for his city's newspaper.  He has worked for both Marvel and DC Comics.  He also attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.

I also make this recommendation because it has received the ECPA Medallion of Excellence, a Christian Book Award.  The original listing price was $24.99, by linking to you can find a very good purchase price for this graphic novel.

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