Catherine's Top Ten Comic Movies

My wife Catherine, is my biggest supporter and source of encouragement.  In creating Online Comic Heroes, I want to include Catherine's input on things she likes.  Sharing movies is one of the past times we enjoy as a couple.  Sharing Comic Book Movies and Super Hero Movies has been one of the ways Catherine has been able to take part in my interests.

Even before meeting me Catherine had a number of these movies in her favorite Movie List.  

"Hello, I'm Matt's wife. Here is a snapshot of my favorite comic book movies starting at number 10...

My top three favorite movies include strong female characters (because I too, want to be strong and have in fact taken kickboxing classes)..." 

#10 Masters of the Universe:

 (with Dolph Lundgren

and Courteney Cox)

This was a favorite of

Catherine's growing up.

#9 X-Men:

I like these movies because

they bring in a number

of different super heroes

to create one

awesome movie...


The Avengers:

 #7 Spider Man 2:

(with Tobey Maguire

and Kirsten Dunst).

#6 Batman:

(with Michael Keaton as

Bruce Wayne and

Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale).



#4 Superman I and II:

(with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder). I like this next set of movies because of the (almost soul mate like) romantic connection between two characters such as Lois Lane and Clark Kent...

#3 Tomb Raider:

(the first one is my fave).

#2 Elektra:

With Jennifer Garner.

#1 Catwoman:

With Halle Berry.

Thank you for taking a look at Catherine's Top Ten Favorites Movie Listing.  Catherine wanted to add one more to her Online Comic Heroes movie listing.  This one falls into both a comic strip and graphic novel category.

"And, I just can't stop at 10. Here's one more that came to my mind... 

11. Garfield! I used to read (and re-read) Garfield comics as a kid. So, I have to include the movie, here, too".

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