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Cast of Character Continued

Sergeant Milo Ottis, A.K.A. Sledge Hammer A.K.A Hammer.  Man Power's right hand man.  Hammer is number two on the team.  Part of the same Special Forces team and critically injured in the same incident.  Hammer has significant cybernetic implantation's throughout his body.  His entire skeletal structure has been enhanced; arms legs and spine.  He is capable of lifting incredible weight.

Milo, was born and raised in Detroit Michigan.  His father died in an industrial accident when Milo was eight years old.  His mother raised Milo and three other younger brothers alone.  Milo was recruited into gang activity by age 14.  At age 17, just two months away from his 18th birthday.  Milo was involved in a gang drive by shooting.  The court was going to sentence him as an adult and Milo was facing eight to ten years in a maximum security prison.  Prior to sentencing the judge received a petition to commute the sentence to federal service in the Armed Forces.

Standing six foot four inches Milo was an imposing figure, basic training forged the young man into a powerhouse.  Finding a focus in life and seeing the pride in his mothers eyes, Milo volunteered for Marine Force Recon.  It was on his first mission that his team crossed paths with a young sergeant Powers.  Milo asked to be transferred under Powers leadership and has been his best friend ever since. 

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