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With any comic book the characters are an essential part of drawing the reader in and make them want to continue to read on.  The art and story can both be solid and convincing, unfortunately if you can not make a connection with the characters even the best comic book will not gain a loyal audience.  I know that personally there were a number of titles that failed to get me to buy the second issue, for that reason.  

A comic book needs a believable lead character, someone you can relate to.  Or perhaps the character is that iconic hero that just inspires you, like Superman.  The underdog, that you root for and want to see win in the end.  I remember re-finding Spider-man in the mid-90's.  I can not remember how long the stretch of issues lasted for, but if I look in my storage I can find them.  The story and characters just hit the mark.  Venom first appeared and I remember at some point it looked like Peter's parents came back into the story.  I bought every issue that I could.  One of my favorite characters was just a minor role in one of the issues.  Do you remember Cardiac?  I do not know if he showed up in any other issues but I like his costume.  It even inspired my costume design for my character a little.     

Here at Online Comic Heroes, I hope you will agree that I have created a cast of believable Super Heroes, supporting characters and foes that stand in their way.  A key feature that I really like in comic books and movies as well is continuity.  If the comic book or comic movie has sequels or a continuing story line, I believe strongly that the characters/actors remain the same.  In my various stories, although for some the story stretches as much as 80 years the characters or their relatives have re-appearing roles.  I have worked very hard to tie the story lines together so when you read them you will be able to follow the connecting history of the world.  

The title character of my comic books, is Man Power.  Most of the issues follow his perspective and the challenges he faces in his journey.  His right hand man and best friend is Milo A.K.A. Sledge Hammer, A.K.A. Hammer.  The rest of Man Powers core team as they first appeared include.  Black Bird, The Whip, and Catherine Strong.

Each of the characters play a role in the early issues of Man Power and Man Power Blue Book.  As each of the comic book issues are published or posted, I will add the key characters to the registry.  I will provide a little more back-story for each of them.  In the very first issues and story line, the main villain of the comic is Director Ryhne and his henchman Mr. White.  Here at Online Comic Heroes, I want to provide helpful and detailed information.  I will post details of stories when I can, I do not want to spoil any stories by giving away too much up front.  Please continue to check in for updates.

First off, let me share about Man Power.  I hope you will find him to be an interesting figure and that you will like him as the main character of my comic book series.

Man Power was a Special Forces soldier in his former life.  He served his country and in many respects was a hero.

Tenacious and dedicated, he led an elite team.  He was an effective soldier and always completed his mission.  

Over the years he gradually became disillusioned by the establishment.  He saw his troops give their lives for missions that sometimes seemed pointless.  What really ate at his conscience was that the families of these troops were never told the truth when they died.  They did not receive benefits to help their transition.  The final straw came when Powers own brother died in the same manner. 

Determined to change things, he asked for volunteers.  Soldiers with no families to miss them, these troops would disappear during select missions.  Acting as mercenaries for the cause of good they would fund secret accounts meant to help the family members left behind.  

Unknown to Powers his team had come to the attention of an ambitious bureaucrat Doctor Rhyne.  Rhyne had been collecting subjects for a secret project, under the guise of helping servicemen who had become amputees Rhyne was positioning himself for bigger things.

Sent on a series suicide missions Powers' team was being picked off a few at a time.  Before Powers, could see his secret mission come to pass, he lost his life on one particularly brutal mission.  Death was not to take him.  What he woke to was a living nightmare.  Rhyne had implanted cybernetic devices into his body.  Multiple times faster and stronger, Manfred Powers was now Power Play.  The poster boy for Americas first Super team.

Unfortunately Powers was not in control of his senses nor his destiny.  Rhyne used a mix of medication and technology to turn Powers and his team into automatons with no free will.  It would be over a year before he could break free.

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