Comic Book
Action Poses and Telling the Story

Welcome to this lesson from Online Comic Heroes.  As an artist and comic fan, the images drive the story in my opinion.  I would like to think that any of the comic art I have created would tell the story without the word and thought balloons.  I hope this lesson on drawing action poses helps in your development as comic artists.

When you are creating a comic book, the art must be strong, much of the story must be captured in the images.  I would like to think the art alone can tell the story on the pages I create.  The old say, "A photo is worth a thousand words" is true.  I encourage you to work at capturing the emotion of your characters in their poses, not just close ups of the face.  What poses do you need to be familiar with?  Anguish, Anger, Brooding, Defeat, Determination or Hope, Sadness, Triumph and Urgency.  I think these cover the range of strong emotions. 










Practice the posture of these emotions and use them when needed to portray your story.  There are some comic characters that capture these emotions as part of who they are.  Look through their comic images to see how professional comic book illustrators use the range of emotions.  Where do you look?  Anger, rage, and anguish all seem to connect to the Hulk.  Triumph and Determination? Captain America.  Brooding, is Batman's automatic default pose.  Connected with these emotional poses is muscular structure, see the lesson on muscle groups for more details.

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