About Online Comic Heroes
and Team O'Keefe

I am the creator of Online Comic Heroes, my name is Matthew O'Keefe.  I am a Comic Book Illustrator and Creator.  Team O'Keefe includes myself and my wonderful wife Catherine.  I have been drawing and sketching as long as I can remember.  My favorite medium is pencil and ink, I really enjoy working in Black & White.  Since childhood I have worked on sequential pictures.  I was telling story driven art (comic book if you will) even before I understood what I was doing.

I do not think I went anywhere without a sketch pad or pencil and paper.  Even if I had to use writing paper and a bic pen, I would draw.  In grade school I had a creative writing period several times each week.  As soon as I had written the required page or two of content I would switch to what I really wanted to do... I would draw the story I had written and then keep drawing as long as the class allowed.  I would draw vehicles, jets, space ships and medieval images and stories.

In high school I found the direction I was destined to follow.  Comic Art, and Comic books.  The very first comic I created was called "Seventh Heaven".  Point of fact, I was a little disappointed when the show of the same name came out.  The story line and series would have follow one of seven angels and how they interacted with and helped the world through history.  I only got one full issue created back then, I spent a great deal of time figuring out how to photo-copy the issue so the pages came out in booklet form.  


I remember it was 1998, when I found the direction and ultimate Title of my signature comic book.  Man Power, I was determined to become a professional Comic Book Illustrator.  I geared up for Collage, I had gotten into Sheridan Collage in Oakville Ontario Canada.  There I attended a one year Art Fundamentals certificate program.  This course covered painting, life drawing, sculpture, photography, illustration and I elected to add a medal working class.

Sheridan is a renowned collage for animation and much of the campus section I was at was dedicated to the Disney Animation Program.  I remember seeing the art tables and drafting boards in a large auditorium setting, students could walk around the outside section on the way to classes.

It was there I first learned about a new Comic Book Company that was hiring and looking for talented creators.  CrossGen. Comics, I still had a lot to learn back then.  I did not even know what a splash page was, I had to ask and research what the company was asking for in their submissions search.  Ultimately, I chickened out and never sent my submission.  I just didn't think I was good enough.  With that in mind, I want to help young artists and anyone who has a creative idea achieve their goals.  Please see the lessons sections for Writing , Drawing, and Creating Comics.

With the abundant resources online comics and webcomics are achievable for anyone today.  If you were to do a Google search for webcomics for instance you would come up with a multitude on comic book websites.  Some are simple line drawn comic strips, single image cartoons or full length graphic novels.  Many creators offer there work for free online.  I encourage you as comic fans to search out and find your favorites, or just create your own comics as I started to. 

I was new to the college life, the first time away from home for any length of time.  Very immature in many respects and not driven to succeed.  If I had kept an 80% average during my Sheridan course, I would have received automatic acceptance into the next course.  I would have gotten into the Animation course and perhaps worked my way into Disney or Pixar or another Animation studio such as Sony.  I struggled and frittered away the time, when graduation came and application season came I did not get accepted and choose a fall-back course.  I had got accepted at Georgian Collage for Hotel and Resort Operation.  It was a two year diploma program, I figured I could just re-apply to Sheridan the next year.  As time went by, with my parents helping me with tuition.  I did not feel right them paying for a year and me not finishing the program.  I stayed and found I worked well in the Hospitality Industry.  There were co-op work placements between the years.  I worked at a small family run property for the summer.  I stayed in the program and even added the third year and graduated with a Hotel and Resort Administration Diploma.  


It was an interesting work career I had started.  I was able to visit and work in Jasper Park Alberta, Canada.  Right in the National Park and the mountain ranges.  After graduation I was offered a permanent position with a hotel company in Banff National Park, also in Alberta Canada.  After a time I found I was home sick for Ontario.  A friend of mine arranged an interview at the resort he worked for and within about a month I was back in Ontario, working for a large resort in Muskoka Ontario.  This was just a couple hours north of Toronto.  I had attended Fan Expo, Canada's largest Comic Convention once before, and was very pleased I would be close enough to attend it again.  In early 2006, I met my future wife Catherine.  It was after our first date that I had the inspiration for a new comic mini-series.  Look for Man Power Birth of the Supermena four part story arc available now.  That year Catherine attended FanExpo with me.

As we got to know each other and share our interests, I was very pleased to find Catherine could share in my Super Hero interest.  Catherine had been and still is a fan of Spider-Man, the movie with Tobey Maguire.  Catherine also liked Superman with the late Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.  The strong love stories and the super heroes drew Catherine's interest.  I am so happy to be able to share many aspects of Comic Book and Super Hero interests with her. We were married on September 20th 2008, and are coming up on seven years of marriage this fall.  I owe so much to Catherine's encouragement and support.  It was with Catherine's help that I started my first Online Comic Book site. www.scificomicbook.com It was meant as a Fan Site and Portfolio piece.  I have learned much since working on it, I will be using what I have learned and continue to learn in the construction of this site.  Online Comic Heroes, will be bigger and packed with many more online comic resources and tutorials.

I can help you create your own comic book.

I work with creators and writers to bring their ideas to the page.

Questions can be emailed to OCHsite@yahoo.ca

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