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A Little History Within
The World of Man Power

Welcome to an overview of the World of Man Power.  Although this is a fictional comic book world, we here at Online Comic Heroes believe in portraying the stories and comic issues with as much realism as possible.  I take great pride in the quality of the art and strength of the stories.  Details and accuracy are very important to me.  I have created this world but many of the stories do derive from real world events and things that have happened in the past, just with my creative spin.  At any point if I have made an error in the details?  Please feel free to contact me.  Now let me tell you a little about this parallel world.   

The government terms these supermen U-gene positive.  This term being derived from eugenics or the study of improving the human race.  Adding the term "Positive" gives a menacing tone, that they need to be tracked, categorized and cured. 

Governments have been conducting studies since the early days of the 1900's.  Some cases include sterilization of the mentally challenged or criminally insane.  WWII saw the devastation of the Nazi campaign against the Jewish people.  Their goal, was a master race. 

Within the pages of Man Power you will follow fictionalized theories and case files of events dating back to the later days of WWII, the Vietnam Conflict and the Cold War with the former Soviet Union.  The main story line however will revolve around Man Power and his team in the years between 2020-2025.

  • The first 4 part series is titled Man Power, and is available on this site as a free online series.
  • A pre-qual to Man Power is Man Power Origins, look for it coming soon.
  • Following Man Power, is the series titled Man Power Long Road Home, look for it coming soon.
  • Now available for sale is Man Power Rise of the Heroes, part one is available for a low introductory price of $1.99.  Issues #2,#3 and #4 available soon.
  • In a special 4 part series titled Man Power Black Book, see a unique story that is told over an 80 year period.  It overlapse Man Power Blue Book and crosses over into Man Power Strikes Back
  • The story in Man Power Rise of the Heroes picks up in the series Man Power Strikes Back, Man Power and his team are still picking up the pieces and trying to set things right as the events of Man Power Birth of the Supermen spill over into this 4 part series.

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