"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

I would like to see a change in todays comics.  I want to see Heroes rise again.  There are way too many Anti-Heroes out there.  As you read my comics I hope you will take note that as the stories continue year to year.  You will find less and less gun-play and I take pride in my work that I do not use vulgar language.

                              A message from the Artist, Matthew O'Keefe

Our First Graphic Novel

The publishing company FriesenPress has our graphic novel available for early sale before it hits the book stores.  So please support our work with the purchase of either a Softcover, Hardcover or Digital copy of our book.

Online Comic Heroes is a rich resource of helpful Articles, Tips, and Lessons on creating Comic Book Art.  Follow the development of my signature comic series and learn how to build you own comic book or webcomic.

I am a Comic Book Illustrator and fan of all things Super Hero.  I would like to share this interest with you and where I can help you create and strengthen your own comic book ideas.

As you tour the site and read the articles and posting, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and ideas.  I would like to know your insights in order to deliver the very best content and site information that I can.

Online Comic Heroes
Some of What You Will Find

One of the key features here is the amount of free content that I will be sharing.  I would very much like to hear from you as you read each issue of Man Power, my free comic series.  Currently set as a four part introduction to The World of Man Power, the series may just have enough story content to continue into more issues.

Additionally there are the comic resource pages, with helpful tips and articles on how to improve your art technique.  As I build more content pages I will be including a tips from the professionals section.  There will also be video tutorials added down the road.

Another interesting section will be our Comic Shop.  Not just comic books but movies, DVD's, and interesting Super Hero memorabilia and collectables that we have in our collection or would like to have. 

So visit regularly as I will be working hard each week to deliver more comic book resources, articles and comic books.

Online Comic Resources and Interesting Links

While Online Comic Heroes is a small team, we have big goals.  We want to inspire young Comic Book Creators, Writers, Artists, and Comic Fans.  From time to time there will be some Comic Book Material that we can not cover ourselves.  We will deliver the best content we can and from as many Comic Book sources that we can.  We will be asking other respectable Comic Blogs and Sites to include links to areas that we do not specialize in here at our site.

Things like the very latest on Comic Book Development, Price Guides, The latest in Comic Book News, Movie Reviews, and What Comic Books are coming out this month.  If you have a favourite Comic Book Resources Site, or Blog that I have not included?  I will be glad to review it and if appropriate include it in our links page.

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